Hills.. where magic begins!

The Hills and Hill stations of India are an amazing factor which is attracting the foreign tourists. The Mighty and Majestic Himalayas! Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand treasures some of the beautiful snow clad peaks and mountains. The parky atmosphere gets you and give chills to your body up to down! Whenever I plan to take a trip to these beautiful yet exhilarating destinations it gives me goosebumps in a adventurous and joyful way!:) Himachal Pradesh is filled with the most beautiful and famous hill stations. Shimla, Manali and Dharamsala are becoming quite an interesting destinations for the tourists and travellers.


I’ve just started writing and also started to know a little better about myself. To love what I want to do. To understand myself a little more and for not doing something which is easy. This isn’t easy and not a spoonful of cereal!

Travel writing is fun but also on the other hand it is a bit tricky. However, I must learn from my mistakes and should move forward.


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